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Generika Drugstore Gig Cebu City

Generika Drugstore invited me to sing at their event here in Cebu City. It was a really cool event with a lot of fun things going on and a bunch of free services they did today.

Special thanks to Sir Berns for once again bring on as a guest singer.

This event featured several entertaining parts to their event, starting with a karaoke singing contest. There were 5 singers competing. 

Kim Anthony Catarina

Bless Ebarita (Grand Champion) 

MC Angelo Regner

Jerry Ronquillo

Junie Abatayo

Generika drugstore was also giving free services to the people who came out today. Some of those services were: Free medical check up, Free blood pressure check, free hair cuts and free massages. 

It's very cool when a company does things like that for the community! 

Special thanks to Sir Berns for hosting the event and inviting me as a guest singer. 

Sir BernsTolentino

They also had some fun games and gave away lots of prizes such as Cash prizes and more for the contestants who played in the games. 

There was also a special guest who showed up.. Lol Kids loved him. 

Last but not the least they also had the Zumba Dance Competition, which there were 9 different group of teams who had to try and follow the dance instructor step for step. The group who did the best job copying the instructor would win. 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed. And remember if you need a singer for your event, wedding or birthday in Cebu contact me for a quote. 


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